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Shangri-La - Fresh Light Dep.


Shangri-La - Fresh Light Dep.


Taking its name from the mythical valley utopia, the Shangri-La hybrid is sure to bring you to your own internal paradise. This 60/40 sativa-dominant strain takes you to a peaceful mindset where happiness and relaxation are no strangers. Patients might also choose this strain as an uplifting escape from nausea, stress, and pain. Skunky and sweet in flavor, Shangri-La boasts a garden of different aromas from ripe grape and berry to tropical mango and citrus. Bred by JinxProof Genetics and propagated by TGA Genetics, Shangri-La crosses parent strains Fudo Myo-o and 9 Pound Hammer. 


Name: Shangri-La
Grow Type: Light Dep
Flower Type: Hybrid


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