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Humboldt Widowmaker™ Pre-Roll Packs


Humboldt Widowmaker™ Pre-Roll Packs


The Humboldt Widowmaker™ is a strain specific blend of pure smoking bliss. Widowmaker™ pre-rolls are assembled with top shelf Humboldt County cannabis. They are covered with Co2 Clear oil and topped with strain matching kief in a  RAW pre-roll. The packs come with 4 pre-rolls and a reusable cork topped glass container.

Indoor Available Strains: SFV OG, Bubba Kush, 9 Pound Hammer, Jesus OG and 3 Kings

Sun Grown Available Strains: Blue Cheese, Casey Jones, Cheesequake, Cheesewreck, Gods Gift, Chem Dawg, Conspiracy Kush, Gorilla Glue, Green Crack, Jesus OG, Jillybean, Mr. Nice, Purple Mist, Sour Diesel, Flavor of Humboldt, Lemon Haze, Qrazy Train.

Combo Packs: SFV OG & 9 Pound Hammer, Cheesequake & Sour Diesel, Green Crack & Mr. Nice, Jillybean & Blue Cheese

  • THC = 33.82%
  • CBD = 0.01%
  • CBN = 0.27%
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