Patients must complete the following two steps before requesting a delivery from Chico Magic Bus:

  1. Have a recommendation from a licensed California doctor
  2. Join Chico Magic Bus cannabis collective and complete the sign-up and verification process. 
  3. Click here to become a Chcio Magic Bus member.

Safety Guidelines

•    Abuse of the service or our staff will result in denial of service.
•    Driver carries no product other than your cannabis medicine
•    Driver vehicles have security cameras and are tracked via GPS through security headquarters.
•    Drivers retain the right to refuse service to anyone.
•    Maximum order is 2oz./flowers or 16 concentrates or 20 edibles, or an equal combination of those items/quantities. Maximum 5 pre-rolls per order.
•    We will only deliver to a residence, your work, or hotel which you are checked into. We verify all addresses and phone numbers.
•    Our drivers will not be in uniform or in a marked car. 
•    Deliveries are packaged discretely.
•    For our driver's safety, please restrain dogs and other animals. We do not know your pets and it is easier for all of us if they are restrained during the visit.

Payment Options for Delivery

We only accept cash for medical marijuana orders. Please have exact amount or more; our drivers do not carry change. PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to accept debit/credit cards for cannabis delivery purchases.

Missed Cannabis Deliveries and Restocking Fee

If you are UNABLE to be at the delivery location at the pre-determined time, please inform us by phone and your cannabis medicine delivery will be rescheduled. Multiple missed deliveries and/or causing the driver wait will result in termination of delivery service privileges.